The Gate Beautiful

What a transformation came to the beggar who, year after year, had been carried by his friends to the gate of the temple and lay there helpless, when Peter and John one day paused beside him, and he was instantly raised up in mind and body! Perhaps he had grown resigned to his condition as many had in our day, until Christian Science came to lift them from their mental infirmities and their sick beds.

On page 132 of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" Mrs. Eddy writes, "Divine Love hath opened the gate Beautiful to us, where we may see God and live, see good in good,—God all, one,—one Mind and that divine; where we may love our neighbor as ourselves, and bless our enemies." Apparently this gate Beautiful is entered by seeing God, seeing good, by acknowledging only one divine Mind and by learning to love and to forgive. Inferentially this entails blotting out the various aspects of carnal-mindedness.

If we would enter through the gate Beautiful, it is not enough that we accept the eternal spiritual facts of being in theory: we must actually utilize them. The way into the temple is the way of overcoming and of holiness; there is no other way. The man who had lain helpless for so long walked into the temple; he was not carried in.

The Omnipresence of God
July 19, 1930

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