"A sweet and certain sense"

From time immemorial certainty has been both desired and feared. Men have longer to know of a surely that some specific thing would come to pass; that a long-delayed plan would eventually attain consummation. They have longed to be sure that health would be restored in cases of illness; that financial investments would be proved wise; that confidence in a friend was not misplaced.

Again, who among those in the business world has not at times felt that he would give much to know that this position in office, bank, store, or manufacturing plant was secure; that no machinations of so-called mortal mind were maneuvering toward his discharge or his being placed in some less desirable position? Many a one, feeling the burned of unemployment, would be joyous and grateful to know that a position in which he could earn a comfortable living for those dependent upon him would soon be his.

The Church Manual
July 19, 1930

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