As a recently published article, "Everyday Questions,"...


As a recently published article, "Everyday Questions," is misleading and discouraging to those who, like the inquirer, are seeking help through Christian Science perhaps as a last resort, I ask the privilege of making a correction.

The author of "Everyday Questions" graciously acknowledges that "we owe much to Christian Science for its emphasis on a sanitated mind free from undue fears of physical ill," but he assures the sufferer that "there are facts in life which no frame of mind affects," that fire burns, water drowns, and germs continue their destructive course notwithstanding. The "frame of mind," however, which brings healing to Christian Scientists is not will-power, blind faith, nor the carnal mind, which Paul says "is enmity against God" and is "death." It is the Mind referred to in his passages, "But to be spiritually mined is life and peace," and, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." The effect of Jesus' thought was always to save and heal, because he relied not on the so-called human mind but on the divine Mind, God.

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