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Eight years ago my attention was called to Christian Science...

Eight years ago my attention was called to Christian Science, and I was asked to attend the church services. But I did not; neither did I read any of the literature. Then, seven years ago, divine Love led me, in a wonderful manner, to attend a Wednesday evening testimony meeting, where I found something quite different from what I had expected. I immediately asked to be introduced to a practitioner, and arranged to see her. After she had answered several important questions, I told her I could nor understand why God had afflicted me with so much sickness and sorrow, as I had always tried to lead an upright and good life. The reply was that God knew nothing of my sickness and sorrow; hence He had not inflicted it upon me, for He is a God of boundless love. When I heard this a wonderful sense of relief came over me, and I was so occupied with what I had heard that when I left I forgot to take the street car. I felt as though I were being carried and supported, and I walked all the way back. From that hour I was able to walk better.

Through loving Christian Science treatment and the understanding gained by diligently studying the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, I was healed in a comparatively short time of a disease of twelve years' standing. Space will not permit me to describe the misery of those years. I should just like to say that several times I was in the shadow of death while under the treatment of many eminent physicians in infirmaries, hospitals, sanitariums, and convalescent homes. One doctor said, "I shall not come again; you don't want to get well." I did want to get well, but as this seemed impossible to human sense I had only one desire and that was to die; but this wish was not fulfilled. I lived, but it was a cheerless life. I never felt well for a day, never had a happy hour, and was never without pain. In this state I found Christian Science. I immediately left everything behind me and accepted the truth. I became a joyous, happy individual and could work again. Friends and relatives rejoiced with me and were surprised, for they had not thought this could ever again be possible.

In the course of years I have been confronted with various errors. Some of them I was able to destroy at once through the power of Truth, but others did not yield so quickly, and I grew impatient. Afterwards, however, I realized gratefully, in each instance, that we grow in spiritual understanding through solving a problem which tests our strength.

Testimony of Healing
I can indeed say that I have found "divine Truth more...
July 19, 1930

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