Real Substance

By revealing the nature of real substance Christian Science has conferred a great blessing upon its students. Everybody knows how chaotic are the beliefs held about that which is called matter, how variable and indefinite are the theories regarding its structure, how uncertain men are concerning its nature. And there are many, even outside of the ranks of Christian Science, who would admit that so-called matter would not seem to be were it not for the "mind" which claims to sense its existence. Furthermore, it is probable that, because of the latest investigations of the natural scientists, men in general never have had less faith in the substantiality, the reality, of matter than they have to-day. This at any rate is certain, they have ceased to take it at its face value; they are agreed that it is something very different from what on the surface it appears to be.

Now the Christian Scientist understands why the natural scientist, so called, is perplexed about the nature of matter, and how as a natural scientist he will never be able to arrive at a final conclusion regarding its constitution. The Christian Scientist knows that matter is unreal, that every form it may seem to assume is unreal; and this, because what seems to be matter is naught but the erroneous concepts of mortal mind—mortal mind itself being but a counterfeit. Christian Science makes it clear that whether matter be considered in the mass or in the molecular or atomic state, it is a false concept of supposititious mortal mind, and is therefore entirely lacking in substantiality or reality.

How does Christian Science arrive at the conclusion just drawn? By maintaining that there is only one real substance, namely, Spirit. God is infinite Spirit. Since Spirit is infinite, there cannot in reality exist anything, anywhere, the opposite of Spirit. This, however, the so-called material senses deny. The question then is whether one is to believe what these suggest, or to credit that which divine Science, through spiritual sense, reveals. The Christian Scientist accepts the revelation of divine Science, is persuaded that infinite Spirit alone is real and substantial, and denies reality to matter. On page 335 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy writes: "Spirit is the only substance, the invisible and indivisible infinite God. Things spiritual and eternal are substantial. Things material and temporal are insubstantial."

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