Unfailing Opportunity

The influence of Christian Science upon the religious thought of Christendom is beyond calculation. The crude and cruel beliefs regarding Deity which a pagan priestcraft impressed upon the pre-Christian world have largely given place to more humane and rational concepts. Many remember the terror and abhorrence aroused by the teaching of a literal and eternal hell, and the difficulty experienced in trying to think lovingly of a creator who could punish His unfortunate children without giving them another opportunity to do better.

For more than fifty years Christian Science has been presenting to men a demonstration of the nature of Deity as supremely lovable and love-inspiring, this being in full accord with Jesus' definition of God as Father. This inspired teaching has wrought a revolution in Christian thought regarding the great questions of human salvation and destiny, and has thereby lifted much of the burden of superstition and fear which had lain so heavily upon a troubled world.

August 10, 1929

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