Following the Way-shower

Supposing one were traversing a dense wood at night, frightened at shadows, startled by perplexing sounds, fearful of snares, would it not be definitely encouraging and reassuring if a wise and calm companion were walking just ahead of one, all the way? Halted by sudden fear, or even tempted to turn back, would not one quickly look to see what the friend leading the way was doing? He had passed by that same place undismayed; hence there was evidently no danger, nor even fear of danger. So one would press confidingly on in his firm footsteps.

Christ Jesus is mankind's friend, and the redeemer of all who follow in his way—the spiritual way. His was always the way of forgiveness, steadfastness, confidence, wisdom, courage, dominion, triumph ; the way of health, strength, tireless love, peace, and joy. Faced with his constant expression of these divine characteristics, all evil suggestions and temptations recoiled from the Master as he walked unhindered along the way so clearly traced for him by the finger of God. Error recoiled; he did not. Because Christ Jesus never entertained any notion of defeat in well-doing, he experienced none.

The same divine Principle which always indicated the way of demonstration to Christ Jesus is indicated again through Christian Science. Obstacles there may be, but the way of true thinking is unobstructed. Obstacles along a road are no part of the road, and they do not affect its direction. So one has but to advance along the clear way of absolutely true thinking, knowing that God, He it is that "doeth the works;" and that cause includes effect. So the Christian Scientist is learning to prove that aggressive mental suggestions are to be dismissed, not entertained, by every mental follower of the Way-shower. When, therefore, owing to the density of materialism, one seems brought to a standstill by fear of sickness or by some sinful temptation, shall one yield to it and turn back to the old material standpoints? Shall one not, rather, ask one's self, What would Jesus have done under just these circumstances? He would have looked on the situation in the light of the Father's omnipresence and omnipotence, and would have recognized the omniaction of Spirit's beneficent laws. In Christian Science a difficulty presages a victory.

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Real Substance
August 10, 1929

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