Meekness and Might

A boy who had recently joined a Christian Science Sunday School was asked what he understood the meaning of meekness to be. He promptly replied, "Weakness!" How far from the truth was that answer! Is it not through meekness one gains spiritual understanding and so individualizes spiritual power? Christian Science, which reveals meekness and humility in their true light, shows them to be positive and active—not negative and passive.

How, more particularly, are meekness and humility to be regarded? They imply the necessity of acknowledging one infinite God, one cause and creator, and man as God's expression, governed by Him alone. The false sense of meekness, as signifying a tame yielding to the aggressiveness of others, is due to ignorance, to a lack of proper recognition of God as the only Mind, and of man as at-one with Him, always ruled and cared for by Him. Men have thought that they had to push and struggle and compete with one another if they were to succeed; but Christ Jesus, with his clear spiritual vision, said, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." As we habitually strive to realize that there is only one God, only one power, and that power good, we shall find that we are increasingly able to overcome the claims of evil, gradually experiencing more of good—and this without in any way injuring our neighbor.

"Surely the Lord is in this place"
August 10, 1929

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