Little Things

Christian Science brings out the importance of little things. A beginner in the study of Christian Science is apt to regard the overcoming sin and the healing of disease as a great undertaking, to be accomplished only by a miracle such as those Jesus performed, and far from being possible through his own limited understanding. It may seem to him as though years of study must elapse before sufficient knowledge of the truth can be acquired to demonstrate spiritual healing.

If one is faithful and persevering in his study and application of Christian Science, and his heart goes out in gratitude to God as the Giver of all good, and to Mrs. Eddy, who revealed to us the priceless gift of Christian Science, one becomes conscious that he has experienced a healing, maybe of a stubborn discord of long standing. The realization then comes that gratitude brings healing, although this healing may not always appear in the way one looks for it. Healing may mean the clearing away of the debris of error that the revelation of truth may appear, or the correction of wrong thinking, as, for instance, when resentment tries to find lodgment in consciousness. The precious truth dawns that not so-called miracles, but constant right thinking and gratitude are healing agencies.

The Humble Tasks
June 29, 1929

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