Promise and Fulfillment

Some of us may remember the wonder and joy of our first sight of a rainbow. Driven into shelter, perhaps, by a sudden downpour of rain, we looked out on the first lightening of the sky to see if we might venture forth again; and there, against the gray curtain of the receding storm, was arched this wonder! After the clamor of the storm it had come to reassure the earth with its calm and beauty, much as did the "still small voice" to Elijah after the discords of material force had spent their vain fury.

Whether we accepted the rainbow with childhood's recognition of good, or whether we eagerly asked our elders how it came there, certain it is that it kindled in the childish thought a wonder and a tender joy. In later years, maybe, this keen sense was blunted by repetition, or dulled by having the rainbow explained by the teachings of physical science. Yet, sooner or later comes the day when all material teachings give place to a knowledge of the Science which is wholly of God—of Christian Science, which truly explains the universe; and these explanations, more penetrating and more sublime than any that physical science can afford, restore to us the wonder and praise that seemed to have slipped away with our childhood. The conclusions of physical science, however apparently searching, are seen to take cognizance only of sense-testimony, knowing naught of divine, spiritual causation; and the phenomena of light and form are found to be rightly interpreted only through divine Science.

Seeking a Position
June 29, 1929

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