Gratitude and Healing

There are many who seem to go through life with hardly a trace of gratitude in their hearts. Look into their faces, and scarcely a gleam of gladness—twin sister to gratitude—can be seen. It may be that they have believed their lot to have been cast in troubled places, that more than the average of sickness has been borne by them, that less than their share of the world's goods has come their way, that friends have been few and foes numerous; and, thus believing, they have felt as if there was nothing to be thankful for, nothing to be grateful for. In consequence, little or no joy, little or no happiness, has come into their lives.

Now there is no denying that to mortal sense the lives of many can hardly be said to have fallen "in pleasant places," that much suffering has been endured by them, much sorrow been their lot, and therefore that apparently there has been little cause for gratitude. How keenly does our loving sympathy go out to all of earth's sorrowful, burdened ones! Never have we aught but compassion for them. Yet, even as we think of them, our thoughts reach out to Truth, and are filled with gratitude to know again that our Father, and their Father, is the God of love, and that they also can know this and be grateful.

Business Meetings of Branch Churches
July 3, 1926

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