Letters from the Field

"It is near the end of my annual subscription to the Monitor, and I am writing in advance to ask you to carry it on and to say how much my appreciation has grown in the past year for it and the other Christian Science literature. I hardly think those in the towns can realize how precious the Monitor is to us in remote country places. It is often the sole touch I have with the outside world; and the absorption of its clear, intelligent news has kept me for several years so well informed on general topics that I do not feel intellectually behindhand when called to larger social centers.

"But apart from what is probably the initial purpose of the Monitor,—that of bearing truthful and intelligent news to the world,—I cannot but emphasize the value of the careful and loving preparation of the paper from the tiniest to the largest detail, which renders it of such daily service in the home that even those seemingly ignorant come in time to wonder and inquire further about it. The paper is clean, reliable, and useful; and I have seen these qualities unfold through the common household uses to which a newspaper may be put, into intelligent appreciation of the news itself, by simple folk, in two definite instances. My little girl learned her letters, at three years old, through the clear block letters of the title page of the Monitor.

Rights—Human and Divine
July 3, 1926

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