For twenty years I suffered from varicose veins and...

For twenty years I suffered from varicose veins and cramps in the legs, and after each slight exertion suffered intense pains, especially during the night. The doctors told me I could not be freed from this trouble as it was due to heredity, and that I would have to bandage my legs in order to avoid greater trouble, which I did for twelve years. Through my sister and brother-in-law I heard of Christian Science about the year 1914, and read several pamphlets and Herolds. Although I did not wholly understand them, I believed every word I read, and it was my greatest desire to learn more of this teaching. One morning, after having again spent a painful and sleepless night, I put aside my bandages, declaring that God alone could heal me. I continued reading Christian Science literature, and my faith made me whole. After three days I was free from all pain. For several years I have had no pain, nor have I worn the bandage. Through this sudden healing and freedom I became firmly convinced that I had found the truth.

I also wish to relate a healing of blood poisoning, which to mortal sense was very dangerous. In July, 1917, my finger became inflamed under a ring, but I paid no attention to it, believing it would disappear. After a few days, however, not only the finger but the whole hand was swollen, and I suffered intense pain. On the following day the swelling had extended to the shoulder and the arm was covered with large and small painful knots, and I was scarcely able to move it. My husband, who at that time was not interested in Christian Science, insisted upon consulting a physician, but I refused to do this, declaring that I wanted only Christian Science treatment. After some hesitancy my husband consented, and a practitioner was asked for help. Shortly after the treatment was begun I experienced relief and the next day the inflamed part opened, the poison passed off, and the pain was gone. During this experience my faith in God remained unshaken. I clung steadfastly to the truth that God alone could help me; and He did help me wonderfully.

Testimony of Healing
I feel it a privilege to write my testimony of the many...
May 29, 1920

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