In turning to Christian Science at a time of great intellectual...

In turning to Christian Science at a time of great intellectual worry and uncertainty as to life in its larger meanings, I have been so wonderfully helped in every way that it has awakened in me a real desire to understand spiritual truth, to turn away from the human mind, and to learn something of the vastness of the one Mind. During the first weeks of study I left off wearing glasses, and the headaches which had perpetually troubled me left me and have never returned; from the very beginning also I found that Christian Science helped me to overcome attacks of depression and gradually to arrive at a more orderly and dependable state of thinking.

In the early part of 1918 I had what I suppose would be called a nervous breakdown, accompanied by extreme exhaustion. I had thought of myself as acutely sensitive and as having inherited a delicate heart, and had made a reality of the need of certain foods which were not available then, and in other ways I had accepted the belief that health was dependent on heart, brain, and outward circumstances. I had the kind help of a practitioner at first, until I was able to help myself, and within six months of that time I was taking long bicycle rides in very hilly country in all weathers, frequently at night and amid traffic.

Testimony of Healing
I have long had the intention of testifying to what...
May 29, 1920

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