In a recent issue of your paper we read of an address...

Sidney (Ohio) Journal

In a recent issue of your paper we read of an address by a theologian, entitled "Inconsistencies of Christian Science," which is a fair example of how far afield one can go in the discussion of a subject he has not made his own as a result of practical demonstration. Christian Science is not theoretical; it is demonstrable. He speaks of the "large task we have before us to prove the inconsistencies of Eddyism;" of the fact that he has given this subject "and its chief doctrines" only "a brief study;" and then he proceeds in his way to explain away Christian Science, which is as old as God, and which must eventually be discerned, practiced, and taught by Christian churches everywhere—this because nothing less than a scientific and practical Christianity can ever satisfy the people of the world and save them. On page 355 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy states, "The charge of inconsistency in Christianly scientific methods of dealing with sin and disease is met by something practical,—namely, the proof of the utility of these methods; and proofs are better than mere verbal arguments or prayers which evince no spiritual power to heal."

For centuries the churches have preached their doctrines and creeds, for centuries the practical, scientific Christianity of Christ Jesus had been almost forgotten until the advent of Christian Science and its restatement of the new-old gospel truth. The theologians of Jesus' time, though versed in the letter of the law, were his chief critics and his bitterest opponents. They would have none of this man, or his practical, scientific Christianity. Is it not rather remarkable that the religion which most faithfully and most certainly patterns after the great Way-shower should be the one most bitterly attacked by the theologians of this day and age? Now, however, as in Jesus' time, they do not attack Christian Science, but their own erroneous sense of it. If all the critics of Christian Science really understood it, they would love it just as Christian Scientists do.

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