I have had abundant and varied proof of the protecting...

I have had abundant and varied proof of the protecting power of Christian Science for those who endeavor to live by its teachings. I wish to relate a recent instance of this. One morning I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen; a teakettle holding a gallon of water and full to the brim was boiling over. When I tried to remove it to another part of the stove it slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor. At the moment of its falling, I stooped forward to grasp it by the handle but failed to do this, and, the kettle coming in violent contact with the floor, its boiling contents splashed upward, nearly covering my arm, which was bare to the elbow.

For a short time my arm was a "sight," and the smart was intense, but I at once went to work in Christian Science, which for many years has been my only remedy for every ill. I stoutly declared God's allness and the nothingness of matter and mentally repeated many times over with great earnestness and conviction the "scientific statement of being" as given on page 468 of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Then I sat down to breakfast. By the time I had finished my meal the pain had quite subsided and in less than an hour every trace of the injury had entirely disappeared from my arm.

Testimony of Healing
In view of the words of our Leader on page vii of the...
May 29, 1920

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