"Not my will, but thine"

Among the many things to be learned through the study of Christian Science is the true or spiritual sense of activity. We have so long listened to the interpretation of this quality by the so-called mortal mind, that it often seems that activity is a manifestation of physical exertion.

The Scriptures, however, clearly state that man was created by God, or Spirit; hence his manifestation must be of a spiritual nature and not of a material. He, then, who is truly active is giving evidence of such activity through the demonstration of the spiritual qualities of joy, happiness, harmony, and charitableness, and the result of this demonstration is healing and freedom from contrary and false conditions of inharmony, unhappiness, and uncharitableness. True activity, then, is essentially that perpetual and unerring desire to know and experience the perfect love of God and man—that infinite expression of eternal harmony wherein man's at-one-ment with his Father in heaven is clearly demonstrated. From this understanding of activity we gain also a clearer concept as to the purpose of God's creation, including man. It becomes quite evident that man as God's creation has a specific duty; that this duty is to bear witness to the eternal fact that God is. Through the demonstration of happiness, charitableness, and brotherly love we must perform this important mission.

False Pride
May 29, 1920

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