False Pride

Sooner or later the earnest student of Christian Science comes up against what on careful and honest examination is seen to be a false sense of pride or fear of being laughed at. It is a question which every one has to face, and the forms in which it appears are without number. Christian Science is very welcome when it brings relief from sickness, dispels unhappiness, and removes religious doubts. It is, however, rather a different matter when it comes to giving up something which still seems desirable or which he thinks he will be laughed at for doing. This at any rate was the experience of one student.

After leaving school he had much the same experiences which a young fellow usually goes through. He took part in various sports, he joined the army, and, as was expected of him, he joined the church in which he had been brought up. He was, however, haunted by ill health and was rebellious at some of the theological doctrines of his church, such as that of predestination. Then he heard of Christian Science, and all this was changed. His chief desire then became to leave no stone unturned in order to learn more of this wonderful truth. He began attending the local Christian Science church and commenced studying the Lesson-Sermons regularly. But one Sunday morning something happened. While listening to the church notices being read by the First Reader, the thought came to him that, being just about nineteen, he could still attend the Christian Science Sunday school until he was twenty.

"Converting the soul"
May 29, 1920

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