A correspondent, "Mimnermus," writing on the subject...


A correspondent, "Mimnermus," writing on the subject of Christian Science in a recent issue has completely missed the point. In his article entitled "A Saucy and Spurious 'Science,'" he vainly endeavors to show that Christian Science is an attempt to build a bridge between religion and science. No such attempt is therein made. There is hardly a word of the English language which has a wider meaning, and yet is so limited in meaning by the average person, than "science." It means according to Webster "knowledge classified and made available in work, life, or the search for truth."

Christian Science means Christian knowledge, and stands, as Mrs. Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," on page 127, "for everything relating to God, the infinite, supreme, eternal Mind." It is not, therefore, an attempt to build a bridge between religion and what is termed natural science, as our critic avers. It is purely the Science of Christianity. It will be acknowledged that all one will ever know about God must come through revelation. The unillumined human mind, which is the carnal mind spoken of by Paul, is "enmity against God." This so-called mind cannot know God, and must be replaced by the divine Mind, the Mind which was in Christ Jesus, before God can be understood. It was the Mind of Christ which gave to Mrs. Eddy the great spiritual understanding which enabled her to take the things of God and show them unto the world in the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and her other writings.

Truth's Revelation
May 29, 1920

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