A Robin's Song

It was a dreary day, — the wind was blowing clouds of dust over the streets, the clanging cars were raising their share of it, besides making the usual noise, and the many swiftly passing automobiles were adding the fumes of gasoline to the rest. It all seemed very trying to the writer, who was endeavoring to cross the street with a child clinging to one hand and with numerous packages in the other. "What an inharmonious condition!" came the thought, and "What a disagreeble day — what confusion!" quickly followed, for the home just left had seemed so distasteful : the furnishings were old, the duties manifold, good endeavors were evil spoken of, and selfishness and injustice seemed to prevail.

Just as I reached the center of the street I heard the song of robin. Almost invisible, nevertheless there he was, on the limb of a lonely old poplar, singing cheerily away as though his little throat could not express all his gratitude. But why here? I questioned. Why does he not fly to the pretty park a few blocks away? Instantly came the answer: It is not the harmonious places that need the song of joy, but the seemingly dark, unhappy spots that need to know peace and love and harmony. With this thought came the understanding that if one is living in harmony with Principle, the heart will sing its song of joy and gratitude just as unconsciously as did the little bird, and its melody will be heard above the discord of mortal thought and opinion. Needless to say, the demonstration was made, for into my consciousness came rest and peace. Besides this, in a short time a new home and many added blessings were realized.

The "Key to the Scriptures"
September 15, 1917

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