"The spirit giveth life"

In his present state of moral and spiritual development the Christian Scientist has need of both the spirit and the letter of this Science. In Paul's second epistle to the Corinthians we read, "The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." We are not to understand from this that the letter has no rightful place in Christian teaching and experience, but one must not be deceived by the belief that he has done all which is necessary when he has acquired the letter. The letter understood and rightly used is a means to an end, but it is not the end. "The spirit giveth life," and it is for the spirit that one must strive if he would accomplish any lasting good for himself and others.

The young student of Christian Science is frequently inclined to one of two extremes: either he is impatient of his progress or else he believes he has already attained that which he has in reality but faintly perceived, and that afar off. In either case he must be awakened to a realization of just how much has been accomplished and to a clear sense of what remains to be done. Without a just appreciation of what he has gained and some definite idea as to what is required of him, his progress must of necessity be slow and uncertain.

Spiritual Resistance
February 24, 1917

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