Appeal to Divine Justice

Our mental attitude toward the varied problems arising in daily experience, our thought regarding their apparent causes and probable effects, determine the results. Our happiness depends not so much upon what does or does not come in the way of trial and temptation, as upon our attitude toward these experiences; and it is for each one to decide whether they shall be stumbling-blocks or stepping-stones. Jesus was "in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin," owing to his correct attitude toward these temptations.

Prior to the entrance of Christian Science into one's thought there is usually a firm belief in the reality and inevitableness of evil, manifest as sin and sickness, want and woe, separation and sorrow. This disheartening belief presents what seem to be strong credentials in support of its claims, which are based always upon the evidence of the so-called material senses. The universal hope of deliverance from discord and evil has been directed to material medicine on the one hand and scholastic theology on the other, receiving from the one such meager encouragement as the constantly shifting medical theories have to offer, and from the other a promise of a problematical post mortem heaven.

Christian Science Messengers
February 24, 1917

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