So many times I have been helped and encouraged by the...

So many times I have been helped and encouraged by the testimonies in the Sentinel that it has occurred to me I, too, might in this way be the means of helping some one else. Very many times I have been inclined to grow impatient and disheartened when various attacks of sickness have been slow in yielding to treatment in Christian Science, but I have always found that with persistent effort the truth finally heals the most stubborn forms of disease. Several times it has taken more than a year to heal some ailment, but the improvement has finally come.

I fear I have not always been as grateful as I should have been and that I have expected too much of the practitioner. It is very helpful, I find, to turn the search-light of Truth upon oneself—on one's innermost thoughts and feelings. It is quite a shock to discover sometimes the host of unlovely thoughts which one is harboring and which need to be rooted out before one has a right to expect every blessing to be poured down upon him.

Testimony of Healing
I feel it is time for me to give my testimony to those...
July 20, 1912

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