In answer to our critic, in his recent sermon, it should be...

Hagerstown (Md.) Globe

In answer to our critic, in his recent sermon, it should be understood that Christian Scientists do not entice any one from the churches; those who come from the churches have proved the truth in Christian Science for themselves, in the healing of moral or physical infirmities, and a large percentage of these have been healed after all other means had failed. Our critic in his sermon on his interpretation of Christian Science seems to ignore the spiritual teachings of the Bible and to treat everything from a materialistic point of view.

Christian Science is always from the standpoint of the spiritual, otherwise it would not be the Science of Life as taught by Jesus Christ; the error of the ages has been in trying to fit in material manifestations and conditions to the laws of God, which laws are spiritual. This does not mean that Christian Scientists overcome all their beliefs in materiality at once, for the problems in Christian Science, like all problems, have to be worked out by degrees until knowledge of the truth takes the place of belief in error, and it must be proved else it is not knowledge; and it is the daily proof that makes the Christian Scientist. The "signs following" show that he is obeying, as fast as he progresses, the command of Jesus to heal the sick and preach the gospel. Man is spiritual because he is the image and likeness of God, who is Spirit; and only from this standpoint is matter unreal. Jesus said that the spirit quickeneth, "the flesh profiteth nothing." Jesus showed the unreality of pain by healing it; but he knew, as every one who follows him knows, that each individual must work out his salvation according to the light that is in him, and this light grows as the individual grows in the understanding of the Bible.

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