I wish to express my deep gratitude for the truth that has...

I wish to express my deep gratitude for the truth that has been revealed to me through the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I commenced the investigation of Christian Science twelve years ago in order to learn something of the religion of the Bible. For many years previous to that time I had searched its pages faithfully for comfort and peace, but did not find it until Science and Health illumined its contents and revealed the deeper knowledge of God. The revelation brought also the physical healing, and I was freed from nervous headaches, a throat trouble, an unhappy disposition, also the need of an operation which the physicians had said was necessary. All this was accomplished through the reading of the text-book only.

I would like to tell of a demonstration which proves that God's grace is sufficient at all times and under all circumstances. My son had been attending a western college, and in the fall of 1910 it seemed wise to send him East to finish his course. In making the change he was several weeks late entering, and the change required work to be made up. He worked along until Thanksgiving, when he was taken ill with poisoning in his foot and limb. Unable to wait upon himself, he went to the school infirmary, and telegraphed for Christian Science treatment. This was given him, and in five days he was well and ready to resume his duties. This sickness, however, together with the late matriculation, seemed to have precipitated a big problem. He wrote that from a human standpoint he did not see how he could finish the back work and take the final mid-year examinations, but would try if he could have Science help. It was given, and in two weeks the back work was made up and examinations successfully passed. Then the finals were begun, and all went well until the last two days. In the morning I received a telegram that the trouble with his foot had reappeared, and it looked as if the finals could not be completed, but I am grateful to say that by knowing that divine Love has no elements of poison to impart, by night the inflammation had entirely disappeared and my boy's work continued without a break. Christmas eve we received his report, and on it was written, "No conditions." While we are grateful for these demonstrations, we are more grateful for the clearer sense of Christ, Truth, which had been born in our consciousness.

Testimony of Healing
I am indeed grateful for the many blessings which have...
July 20, 1912

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