Christian Science is scientific Christianity, or the Science...

Two Worlds

Christian Science is scientific Christianity, or the Science of the truth expounded by Christ Jesus. On all sides may be seen the evidences of mankind's ceaseless effort to find the truth. Every religion, church, and sect, every school of moral and political philosophy, proclaims a doctrine it holds to be right, and offers to point the way. Still mankind is seen to fail in the search—the religions and philosophies fail to satisfy or convince. And yet, apart from all theories and conjectures concerning it, the truth exists; no one for a moment would doubt that. Now Christian Science comes to declare that Christ Jesus knew the truth and that his great service to humanity was to declare and demonstrate it, so that men might know the truth and be free; in other words, that the one cause and intelligence, God (His creation and His relation to and laws governing that creation), exist as substantive facts, and may be known by men.

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," was Christ Jesus' promise; that is to say, the truth, when known, is to set the race free. Free from what? It must surely be from something that is not true, for truth or reality could not free from reality. The truth, then, is to free us from error, and from error believed to be the truth; in other words, from false beliefs. Moreover, the virtue of the promise lies in the fact that it is a promise of good, of happiness, so that the freedom promised is freedom from all that spells unhappiness—from evil in all its forms.

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