Frank Eberman in presenting William R. Rathvon, who lectured on Christian Science Tuesday evening, April 30, said:—

The theme of the evening is not a new one. The divine mandate, "Let there be light," voiced with almost the first syllable of Holy Writ, is an indelible condition of consciousness, and surely, now as then, involves the human response, so quaintly recorded by the author of Genesis, "And there was light." "As it was in the beginning," so this glory "above the sun" shines with unchanging ray into the hearts of men to heal and to save. The inspiration of prophet and apostle, the stay of saint and martyr, none have added, none have subtracted. When Jesus of Nazareth enunciated a new commandment, "that ye love one another," he but summarized the intent of the Mosaic code. Likewise, when Mrs. Eddy declared that " 'Love thine enemies' is identical with 'Thou hast no enemies' " (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 9), she but made another translation of spiritual truth and established a scientific and therefore demonstrable foundation for those intuitive precepts which in all time have gone to make up the religious experiences of a God-fearing race.

The results of this scientific religion, as seen in marvels of physical healing and moral regeneration, immediately and positively identify Christian Science, in the minds of grateful multitudes, with that silent majesty which parted the sea under the rod of Moses, healed leprous Naaman at the behest of Elisha, conquered the "king of terrors" at the grave of Lazarus; and these signs, recurring today according to the promise, prove beyond hazard that the last glowing, triumphant chapter of humanity's troublous love story is even now being written. Although this romance of the ages is not yet finished, it is our privilege this evening to glimpse its happy promise with one who has had exceptional opportunity to study the philosophy of its pages through personal relations with the great Founder of Christian Science.—Correspondence.

Testimony of Healing
Unbounded gratitude urges me to relate some of the great...
July 20, 1912

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