I wish to give my testimony to the healing power of...

I wish to give my testimony to the healing power of divine Truth as taught in Christian Science. For two years I suffered from what were said to be the effects of ptomaine poisoning. My physicians did their best, but could not relieve me. Prior to the illness named I had been a sufferer from stomach troubles, all of which combined made me a mere wreck of my former self. I was unable to attend properly to business, and was unfit to do any physical work whatever. I realized that I must soon grow better or cease to exist altogether.

Up to this time I had read something of the healing done through Christian Science, and it was suggested to me that I might try the treatment, as it certainly would do me no harm. I therefore consulted a practitioner and my first treatment was absent, but to my astonishment I began at once to grow better. I had three more treatments, when I realized that I was well again. It is now over a year since then, and up to the present time I have had no pain from the poison nor have I had even one symptom of the old ailment.

Testimony of Healing
After a fall on a polished floor in March, 1911, it seemed...
July 20, 1912

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