An important position in the Christian Science church is that of the usher. It is he whom the attendants first meet after entering the church, and it is through him that they are first welcomed to the services. All of us know how lasting are first impressions. I do not think I am overstating the facts when I say that frequently first impressions are so tenacious that no amount of subsequent argument or proof will change them. How very desirable, then, that those who attend, and especially strangers, should receive an agreeable impression on first entering our churches and reading-rooms.

It is well if the usher realizes that while he is on duty he is a sentinel for Truth, and he should deport himself as a true soldier of the cross. He should never assume a careless or indifferent attitude, but be dignified, and ever on the alert to detect anything that would affect the comfort of the people. This is his paramount duty. He may be following instructions in requiring each regular attendant to occupy a certain seat, and viewed from a methodical standpoint, the congregation may be faultlessly cared for; but if in achieving this result he has offended some one, then in so far he has failed to accomplish the purpose intended.

July 20, 1912

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