The Wednesday evening meetings were established by our Leader that the public might have an opportunity to know of the benefits to be derived from the teachings of Christian Science. Much has been said in our periodicals by way of emphasizing the importance of our testifying to the good we have received from our study, and of bringing to the attention of all Christian Scientists their duty in this respect.

All who study our text-book, be they beginners or advanced students, must remember that they have a specific duty in the matter,—that of giving testimony to the beneficent influence of Christian Science in their daily experiences. The writer has heard many express their reluctance to testify at these meetings, and yet any one of these people, if met by an inquirer outside of the meetings, could and would give many convincing proofs of the efficacy of Christian Science for both physical and mental disturbances. Now let each ask himself why this unnatural reluctance to share with the multitude? Are we to sit in our seats and leave the table bare? or should we bring such a feast of good tidings that every inquirer, every suffering or discouraged visitor, may go away satisfied that here at last is a solution of his problem, that here is a practical religion which will help one to be a better individual,—a better father, mother, brother, or sister as the case may be?

March 19, 1910

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