With a sense of devout thankfulness I wish to express...

With a sense of devout thankfulness I wish to express my gratitude for the help which Christian Science has been to me, and for many manifestations of the power of divine Love. Shortly after we came west, over a year ago, our little daughter was stricken down very suddenly. I immediately sent for a Christian Science practitioner, and in less than twenty-four hours she was relieved. In a week she was entirely well. A few months ago, I was taken seriously ill with chills and fever, my head giving me great pain. At times it seemed as if I could not stand the intense pain, and I was so dizzy that I could not go up or down stairs without experiencing great suffering. I placed myself under Christian Science treatment, and in less than a week I was better.

My husband has been healed most wonderfully. He was stricken one night with a severe pain in his back, and upon going to his place of business the next morning he was obliged to return home. He then asked me to get help in Christian Science for him, which I immediately did. He was relieved at once of the worst suffering, although the pains would come back occasionally. There was a gradual improvement with each treatment, and it required only four to effect a complete and permanent cure. He is most grateful for his physical healing but even more so for the peace and contentment which have come with it. We both wish to express our deep gratitude to God, also to our dear Leader for the help which Christian Science has been to us.

Testimony of Healing
Jesus said. "I am come that they might have life, and...
March 19, 1910

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