The Christian Scientist believes the Bible teaching that...

The Christian Scientist believes the Bible teaching that it is God "who healeth all thy diseases." The Bible also teaches that God is Spirit, Mind, and that man is His image and likeness. There is no warrant in the Scripture for assuming or believing that God, Mind, has affinity for the material. There is nothing in the Bible or human experience to indicate that God is in any more need of assistance in administering His laws now than He was in the time of Jesus, or that any exigencies have arisen or can arise touching the spiritual development of mankind, that has not from all time been amply provided for.

Jesus said he came to fulfil the law, not to destroy it, and he violated every element of so-called physical law during the entire period of his active ministry. He healed the sick,—those afflicted with organic diseases,—without diagnosis, although one of his apostles had been a physician. He walked on the water, and raised the dead, and made no failure. He cured the most difficult cases in much less time than would have been required to have even called a physician. If Jesus had made any failures in his healing work, or if he had only handled functional disorders and had failed to secure relief when organic cases came to him, there might be force in the argument put forth, that if he were now upon earth, he would make use of modern medical methods; but his record furnishes no mistake of any kind, and when it is remembered that he healed every kind of ailment known to humanity during his time, instantaneously, and never made a failure, the question naturally arises why he should, if here now, want to change a perfect system of healing for one which even under the most advanced medical methods records daily failures that annually run into the millions.

Beatrice (Neb.) Sun.

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