Our critic declares that the fundamental tenet of Christian Science...

Chester (Pa.) Times

Our critic declares that the fundamental tenet of Christian Science is this, "Matter does not exist." This is not a premise of Christian Science, but a conclusion. The premise of Christian Science, as before stated, is its teaching concerning God. Moreover, the abstract statement, "Matter does not exist," needs the fuller explanations given in the Christian Science text-book, in order that the student may obtain an adequate knowledge of the subject.

Christian Science does not deny the existence of phenomena. It affirms that these are not what they seem to be from a material view-point. It is the mission of Christian Science to give a spiritual understanding of creation. Science teaches that in our present immature condition we do not see things as they really are, that as we progress spiritually, and consequently become more intelligent, our sense of creation will improve; that this improvement will continue until we reach the point of perfection, when we shall see creation exactly as it is and it will be discovered to be spiritual and not material. Matter is the name which is applied to the false sense of creation. As this false sense is not true, it is proper to say that it does not exist; hence the declaration, "There is no matter." Christian Science does not deny that sin and disease exist in erring mortal experiences. It does not hope to dispose of these by ignoring them, but by grappling with them and overcoming them through divine power.

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