The thought has been expressed by some prejudiced persons, that Christian Science is intended only for the rich, and that the poor have no place in its churches. Those who have any understanding whatever of the uplifting truths expressed in Christian Science, know that this religion is most practical, and is a wonderful help to the poor, so called, as well as the rich. It not only uplifts both classes spiritually, but is a comfort and a strength to them in performing their daily tasks.

I know personally of a German woman, a widow, who one year ago was healed of an abnormal growth of four years' standing. This healing was accomplished through the perusal of some copies of Der Herold. Three weeks from the time she received the magazines, the growth had entirely disappeared. She, naturally, feels most grateful for this healing, and although she cannot at present read English, she says she can never again depend upon any material means for healing, but upon God alone. She is obliged to earn her living by working out by the day, and she now feels physically able to do whatever is required of her. Has not Christian Science proved a boon to this struggling heart, this woman for whom there was apparently no help?

June 5, 1909

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