[Translated from the German.]

It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude that I give...

It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude that I give this testimony. When, a year and a half ago, I first heard of Christian Science, I was in a very miserable state, both mentally and physically. By great changes of fortune I had been deprived of all that in former times constituted my happiness; I felt lonely, depressed, and discouraged, weary with seeking in vain for long years a satisfactory solution of the problem of life, for as it appeared to me then, I could not find it worth living at all. As to my health, I had been suffering for more than thirty years from a large growth, for the extirpation of which I had undergone five very dangerous operations. Four of them only gave relief for a short time, and the last one was without any good result. In addition to this I was greatly troubled by constant pain in my feet. After having tried many different kinds of treatment, there was but little improvement, and I was compelled to wear iron soles in my boots.

This was my condition when Christian Science came into my life. The first service I attended in a Christian Science church made a deep impression on me, and I at once procured a copy of the text-book and of the Herold and began to read. Though I had but little understanding, I felt convinced that Christian Science is the way long looked for, and that it would lead me into health and harmony. I then called upon a practitioner and asked for help, and from that very day all began to change for me. My healing was not instantaneous, nor quick, and I often felt discouraged; but the kind practitioner never tired in lifting up my thought and understanding, and before a year had passed I was delivered from all my sufferings. I found myself happy and strong, and looking forward to a life spent with God.

June 5, 1909

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