Progress is necessarily a comparative experience, and...

Progress is necessarily a comparative experience, and without frequent retrospective glances it is difficult to measure advancement along life's highway. Looking backward, for this reason, will not infrequently correct what appears to be impressions to the effect that the milestones are very far apart. The earnest traveler, however, with his goal ahead, must feel encouraged when now and again he looks behind him and observes far in the rear loads of care and trouble, the removal of which from his own shoulders proves that he is overcoming the world to the best of his increasing knowledge and understanding.

The writer of this testimony can bear earnest witness to the rejuvenating influence of Christian Science and its effect on the mental and physical phases of human environment. Only as a court of last appeal was Christian Science considered as of service to the healing which in my case was the all-absorbing question. It would be merely a repetition of thousands of preceding testimonies for me to state here that intense suffering, an agony of despair, hopeless resignation to a condition from which there appeared no promise of relief, constituted the multitudinous array of ills which from the standpoint of medical experience were to be borne with patience until release from material bondage, as the world understands it, should occur. How fortunate that in my case the thought finally took possession that no material remedies could bring me health and happiness. Before such a light dawns, it is true one may have to run the gamut of untold disappointments; all other avenues must be closed before the "straight and narrow way" is entered, but nothing else than fire refines the metal fit for use.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude that I give...
June 5, 1909

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