Your interesting article on Japan in the issue of Jan....

Pittsburg (Pa.) Press

Your interesting article on Japan in the issue of Jan. 19. attempts to draw a rather labored comparison between a certain superstition of the Japs and the religion known as Christian Science in our own country. The parallel you seek to make is recognized by all who understand Christian Science to be no parallel at all.

All mankind is constantly seeking a panacea for its ills. The medical beliefs of one country may be rejected by the inhabitants of another country as futile and impractical. The medical discoveries of to-day may be. after experiments and trials, thrown aside as worthless to-morrow; and so on. Why. then, should Christian Scientists be regarded as irrational in seeking to know God aright, and to lay hold on a practical understanding of man's relationship to God as a means of curing disease? Christian Science brings forth marvelous results in effecting the physical and moral regeneration and reform of practically all who give it study and application. While in a degree Christian Science is subjected to some measure of abuse by those who misunderstand it, the advocates of this faith show a multitude of good works as their justification for continued adherence.

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