For a long time I have wished to add my testimony to...

For a long time I have wished to add my testimony to the healing power of Christian Science, hoping that it may aid some one who is seeking the truth. For twelve long years I was constantly under the care of some physician, and never free from pain. At various times I had the advice of one of Boston's best specialists, and though I went through several operations, spending long months in a hospital and sanitarium, I never found what I was ever seeking, namely, health. The last five years I was an invalid, passing most of the time in bed or on a sofa, and unable to have any care of my home or family. I am very grateful indeed to the kind physicians, who tried so faithfully, by every means in their power, to make me well; but there seemed to be nothing except pain, and I could not walk or get about without much suffering.

Finally, when thoroughly discouraged, heartsick, and weary, I heard of Christian Science, and decided, as a last resort, to try it. I had been so shut away from the outside life that I knewnothing of Christian Science; but I had trust in God and believed Him to be all-powerful. With this thought I came to the practitioner, and it is needless to say I was perfectly healed, and that in less than a week. This was two years ago, and I have never had the slightest return of any of the troubles of which I was healed, and I know they are gone forever. I am perfectly well, and have been these two years. The spinal trouble, which supposedly caused the suffering and prevented me from walking, was entirely wiped out, and an air-cushion which I had used for years was put away forever; bowel trouble of many years' standing was overcome; and glasses which I used in reading and sewing were laid away, being of no further use to me. Many other troubles were healed in that glorious week, as I realized each day more clearly that in God was my sight, my strength, and my health. God has indeed come to me, the "old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." Into my consciousness came the assurance of absolute freedom from pain, and I knew that I was healed.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to tell one thing that Christian Science has done...
March 21, 1908

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