About two years ago, when applying for a position, I...

About two years ago, when applying for a position, I was obliged to pass a physical examination. The examining physician, after two examinations, said he could not pass me in my present condition, and advised me to consult some good doctor at once. I then visited one of the best known physicians in the city, to learn definitely what was the trouble, as the first man had refused to tell me. This second physician examined me three times, and then told me there was nothing the matter, that doctor number one was mistaken. I returned to the examining physician with the verdict of the second man, who had been the family physician, and the examiner told me that I had a kidney disease; that he knew it, and did not care what any other doctor said about it. I again visited the family physician, and repeated to him the statement of the examiner, — that I had a very bad form of the disease named, and that according to his judgment I was liable to succumb to it at any time. The family doctor then admitted that such was the case, but that he had thought it best to withhold his verdict, in order not to alarm me unduly. I asked him if there was any remedy for my trouble, and he said that while he could give me something which would possibly relieve me, he could not cure me. Considerably alarmed, I then visited two other physicians, one of them a man of national reputation, telling them that I was aware of my condition and asking for a frank statement of the case on their part, as to whether or not they could cure me. Neither of them offered me any hope.

Feeling that I had reached the end of my resources, I began to lose hope and courage, dwelling more and more upon the thought of my helplessness, and had about resigned myself to what I considered my fate when my mother advised that I try Christian Science. Although I had up to this time scoffed at and ridiculed Christian Science, having read only enough about it to form wrong impressions, I eagerly turned to any source that might benefit me, and as I personally knew a practitioner at Riverside, Cal., I at once paid her a visit. She assured me that Christian Science would heal me, and advised me to return home and put myself under the care of a Scientist there. Upon my return I began to take treatment. At the beginning I had a constant pain in my back, and had reached a point where at times during the day I seemed to lose consciousness momentarily, and if I were walking would sometimes almost fall to the ground. I continued treatment, as near as I can remember, about one month, during which time my improvement was constant, although my thought was so centered on my one trouble that other ailments and habits dropped away without my noticing them. I had worn glasses for seven years, but while taking treatment I happened to break the lenses and did not get them repaired immediately. After a few days I found I could do without the glasses, and have not worn any since. The habit of smoking also left me without any effort or knowledge on my part. At the end of about a month the practitioner told me she thought I was able to study for myself and overcome any fear of further trouble. I stated that I did not think I was cured, but would try the plan for a month or so, and upon the return of any trouble would again take treatment. I am glad to say, however, that it was not necessary to return for treatment, nor have I had any symptom of the trouble since that time.

Testimony of Healing
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March 21, 1908

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