I have long thought of expressing my gratitude for all...

I have long thought of expressing my gratitude for all the good that Christian Science has brought to our home. Four years ago our little boy was taken ill with a very high fever. A doctor who was called in pronounced it a bad case of a dreaded fever, and said that he should be sent at once to a hospital: but as be was our only child we would not submit to this. He was, however, isolated from the other members of the household. The doctor was called in on a Friday night, and the following day I determined to have Christian Science treatment. I went at once to see a practitioner, who said she would take the case, and that within twelve hours I was to call her up and state the conditions. In less than that time the fever had disappeared, and I could hardly keep the child in bed. On Sunday the doctor called and did not know what to make of it; said he must have made a mistake. The next day the child's throat had no sign of soreness and he was well; but a few days later his skin all peeled off. showing that there had been no mistake made in the diagnosis. The practitioner was questioned afterward by a member of the household, in regard to a Christian Scientist's manner of handling contagious diseases. Her reply was, that she understood that the disease should be destroyed before it became contagious.

Two years later the child was again taken ill, and in such an alarming way that a doctor was called in by a member of the family who did not know much about Christian Science. The doctor said that along with other organic troubles, the child's lungs were in a very bad condition; that he must be kept in an even temperature, etc., and that he would not be out of the house all winter. He did not hold out much hope to us, and as soon as he left we sent for a Christian Scientist. When she came we had the boy covered with blankets, but before she left he was sitting at the table and eating a hearty meal. In a week he was out shoveling snow, playing and enjoying himself with other children. In the spring he began to attend school again, and has not missed a day since on account of sickness. These are only a few of the things that have come to us through this gospel of Truth. I have myself been greatly benefited in many ways.

Testimony of Healing
I came to some understanding of Christian Science over...
March 21, 1908

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