When reading the testimonies of others we begin to...

When reading the testimonies of others we begin to think of our own blessings. One night, after midnight, my husband awoke in a most alarming condition. He woke me, and that was all he was able to do, as he could not speak a word. I went down stairs and telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner, and in fifteen minutes the patient was sound asleep. In the morning he came down stairs to breakfast with us, and ate as heartily as ever. The next evening the trouble started the same way, but in one more treatment he was healed. This was in 1905, and he has been a healthy man ever since. Our little boy, ten months old, suffered greatly with nervous attacks, but he was healed in one treatment and never had another spasm. We certainly are very grateful for what Christian Science has done for us.

In 1905 I was suffering greatly with bowel trouble, the pain being so great at times that I would walk the floor till three o'clock in the morning. I was not a believer in Christian Science at that time, although I thought it might be all right for some people. I had heard a great deal about it, but paid little attention. I could, however, get no relief whatever from my suffering, and one day when the pain seemed unendurable I decided to give Christian Science a trial. I wrote to a practitioner and had treatment for five weeks, but was only slightly relieved. I then changed practitioners, and at the first treatment I began to improve. I was well in a short time and have remained so ever since. I never could give full expression to my gratitude for the healing, but we feel that we must let others know of our freedom, and also of our gratitude to God for His wonderful help. — Mrs. A. L. Hilbert, Bellevue, Ia.

Testimony of Healing
The great revelation of the Christ cure came to me in an...
March 21, 1908

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