Of the many interesting problems which face all voyagers in the journey from sense to Soul, whether for the men in business, the women in the home, or the children in school, salesmen, as a class, are confronted with excellent opportunities to prove their understanding of Principle. No longer is it the "jolly good fellow" who sells the largest bill of goods. It is the clean-cut, intelligent worker who knows his goods and knows them to be good, that stands in the front rank of the selling force. And who is so qualified to manifest up-to-date business methods, intelligent representation of his wares, or requisite honesty and probity, as the man whose daily thought is to reflect only God,— the source of all honesty, intelligence, and affluence.

In launching his vessel upon the waters of Truth, in determining to trust Truth implicitly for the support of his family, the salesman who is a Christian Scientist is brought face to face with the questions: Is my line one that I can honestly recommend? Can I be honest and yet remain in my present position? Having answered these questions in the affirmative, to adhere to one's occupation in the face of crowding competitors and the rebuffs of customers, requires indeed a calm, strong trust. Helpful is our Leader's counsel in this respect, and helpful, too, is the thought that there is no power but God, when a competitor may be striving by every means in his power to influence one's customer, while you, if true to your tenets, are striving to make sure that no thought of yours can influence any one erroneously.

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