Christian Scientists are learning not to attempt to judge...

The Standard

Christian Scientists are learning not to attempt to judge the motives of their fellow-men, but to be only the gurardians of their own thoughts and acts, to live up to their highest conception of Truth, and to grant their brother the same privilege. They should not be open to criticism for believing that Jesus meant all that he said, nor for believing that his acts were in demonstration of his teaching, nor for expecting too much from obeying his commands. There is nothing in Scripture to support the contention that the works of Jesus were supernatural, but on the contrary the evidence clearly shows that they were all in accordance with law, — spiritual God's law. Those who are earnestly striving to fulfil all of his commands need make no effort to "bolster. up their beliefs."

Our critic suggests that Christian Scientists should prove that they are not charlatans by imitating the work of Jesus when he raised from the dead the son of the widow of Nain. Christian Scientists do not claim that they have yet reached that degree of understanding of God's law, as demonstrated by Jesus, where they can either raise the dead or heal every case of disease, but they do affirm, and support their contention with the unquestionable evidence of many thousands of cases, that Christian Science does heal all manner of disease as well as sin, and all other discordant conditions of human experience, whenever its teachings are applied understandingly and according to rule. To this great and ever-increasing host of men and women Christian Science has indeed been a very present help in time of trouble, and it is to be regretted that it should be condemned by any one, after such justification of its teachings.

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