I came to some understanding of Christian Science over...

I came to some understanding of Christian Science over ten years ago. Time is considered a valuable element in determining the quality of any experience, and during these ten years the value to me of Christian Science has been constantly demonstrated in all the details of my life. My understanding has increased somewhat, and has constantly increased in value and comfort to me. Very shortly after I began to study our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, a number of physical ills disappeared, somewhat as did the Arabs, who folded their tents at night and silently stole away. One in particular was stomach trouble and its attendant ills, which had been with me many years and from which I had suffered much physical discomfort. Through the study of Science and Health this disappeared suddenly and permanently, and with it went habits of dieting. I was also freed from a fear of eating certain kinds of food; at times there was hardly anything that I did not fear to eat. Other physical ailments have since come to me, some appearing to be quite serious, but these have all been successfully treated and overcome in Christian Science, one in particular being an attack of lung trouble; only Christian Science was used in treating it, and with entire success.

But the accompanying development in the understanding of spiritual things, and the correction and development of character, which I now can see was sadly awry, this has been much more valuable to me than any physical healing could be, for I know that no matter what I was or appeared to be when Christian Science first came to me, I am immensely better to-day in all the essentials that go to make true character. I am perfectly willing to be guided in the future by the hope, faith, and understanding of God which is with me now and which is yet to be unfolded. It seems entirely natural that I should be very grateful that I am one of the many thousands who have been so greatly helped by Mrs. Eddy's teaching. — Joseph F. Cox, Atlanta, Ga.

Testimony of Healing
I owe endless gratitude to God for Christian Science....
March 21, 1908

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