We feel it not only a duty but a blessed privilege to...

We feel it not only a duty but a blessed privilege to tell what Christian Science has done for us. About six months ago our baby boy of eighteen months was taken with an acute attack of poisoning. Knowing nothing of Science, we employed one of the most renowned specialists on children's diseases in the West, but he gave us little encouragement, saying our baby was too tender a flower to resist the ravages of disease in hot weather. For nearly four weeks it seemed that our baby clung to life by the tiniest of threads. About the fourth week of his illness he developed a dreaded disease, when three physicians pronounced the sentence of death upon him, one giving him about three hours to live. They also said that were it possible for him to survive, it was not to be desired, as he was blind, and that his intellect would be permanently impaired. In this hour of our utter hopelessness we grasped at Christian Science as did the man who said to the Master. "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief."

When the Christian Science practitioner arrived there was every indication of the near approach of death. The afternoon following the first treatment the child slept a natural sleep, the first since his illness, with his eyes peacefully closed. We began at once to feed him his regular food in place of the few drops of liquid food of the doctor's prescription. His recovery was rapid, considering the obstacles to be overcome. One by one his faculties returned, until he was revealed to us as God's child, every whit whole. We have since had numerous demonstrations of this beautiful truth, one of which was the immediate arrest of an attack of throat trouble.

Testimony of Healing
I have long thought of expressing my gratitude for all...
March 21, 1908

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