It is with a feeling of gratitude and love to God that I...

It is with a feeling of gratitude and love to God that I give my testimony to the world. It was two years ago that I first became interested in Christian Science, trying it as a last resort for my eyes, with which I had suffered constant pain. I had worn glasses for years, was obliged to have them changed very often, and could not see without them. I tried many remedies, but my eyes seemed to grow worse. A specialist of Los Angeles said that all that could be done was being done, as two years before that I had undergone an operation and was not any better. The pain seemed almost unbearable. At times I could not see even with glasses, and suffered greatly with headaches. The only time I could take off my glasses was after the light was out at night. On the 29th of August, 1905, I took my first treatment in Christian Science, and by the 28th of September I was healed and could read perfectly without glasses. At the same time I was healed of lung trouble, supposed to be inherited. I had always been a delicate child, and the freedom from bondage that came to me can only be realized by those who have experienced it. I have also been healed of a very disagreeable disposition, including a bad temper.

On account of poor health I was taken out of school, so did not receive the education I should otherwise have had, but through the study of Christian Science I am learning that God is no respecter of persons and through the study of His word in the Bible and of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, and our Christian Science periodicals, I am being educated. The last few years I have had to earn my own living, and in knowing that God is my provider and in looking to Him for all my help, my needs have been supplied. Recently I have been able to overcome some very troublesome corns, three of which I have had ever since I can remember. They were very painful and at times I could hardly walk. One day the pain seemed unbearable, and I went to a Scientist about it and learned that I had to work persistently in Science if I wanted to get rid of them. I took up a copy of the Sentinel and in reading it I came across this statement: "One is apt to be more worried, for instance, over what he believes to be a troublesome case of corns, than over his indulgence of self-will, envy, or pride. ' It then came to me so clearly that if I had been consciously holding to some sin I would not have gone to a Scientist for help so quickly. I went to work with all the understanding I had, and was not only able to overcome all pain, but a few days later I found that three corns had disappeared. I kept on working, and I am glad to say that within six weeks they were all gone.

Testimony of Healing
For a long time I have wished to add my testimony to...
March 21, 1908

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