Some years ago, when personal preaching was discontinued in the Church of Christ, Scientist, and the present form of service instituted, it was predicted by some who failed to appreciate the wisdom and foresight of our revered Leader in inaugurating so radical a change, that it would not meet with general favor; but the very opposite of this prediction has proven true. That the reading of the Lesson-Sermon is to-day one of the most attractive and helpful features of the Christian Science service, is evidenced by the uniformly large attendance at the Sunday meetings, some of its members traveling many miles to hear this instructive and stimulating sermon.

As a proof of the leading of divine wisdom in establishing the present form of church service, it is a frequent occurrence for people to testify in our Wednesday evening meetings that they were healed while in attendance upon this service. They have gone under the burden of wrong thought, and sometimes with unusual effort on their part in order to be present, and have returned home well and joyous in their sense of freedom. Some months ago there was a lady in attendance at one of our Sunday services with some relatives who are Christian Scientists. She herself was not a Scientist, but had been reading the textbook for a short time. She listened attentively to the reading of the Lesson Sermon, but with no thought of realizing any healing benefits therefrom. However, after having been for four or five days in the home of her relatives, her attention was called to the fact that they had not heard her say anything of a certain chronic complaint of long standing which she was known to have had. From the time she left the Sunday service she had actually forgotten about this trouble until reminded of it by her friends.

December 29, 1906

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