The Light and not the Glass

Recently a commonplace experience brought home a lesson in Christian Science. Finding my room rather cold one morning, I turned to the sunshine which was streaming through an eastern window. The light was so warm and cheery that I went nearer the window and leaned on the pane, expecting more heat. A sudden shiver was the result. The glass was quite cold. Instantly thought grasped a lesson which often comes to the beginner in Christian Science. Finding the realm of mortal sense cold and cheerless, he turns toward the light and warmth of Truth as found in Christian Science. After the first joyful sense of comfort and light, he is apt to lean on the personality of the practitioner, through whom the light seemed to come. Very soon a mental chill is the result.

The novice learns from this that it is Truth which warms, comforts, and enlightens, and not the personality of the one who may be a channel for Truth. To lean on personality is to miss the comfort of the everlasting light and Love. George Herbert wrote,—

God Revealed to Man
November 25, 1905

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