Trusting in God

As Christian Scientists we understand somewhat of the Science of being, through and by which God governs man and the universe, and know that to the divine Mind, operating through His own spiritual law, all things are possible. We also know that error has only the power which we give it by our faith in it and fear of it. Then why not go on and trust, depending upon Him who saves to the uttermost, until all error is overcome?

We can do this, and have the strength, courage, hope, and faith to trust God always and all the way. Then let us do it. We should declare valiantly for our spiritual and physical freedom as children of God, hold to it in the face of all error, and Truth will make us free. The battle is the Lord's, and therefore we must know it is already won and thank Him for it. The one Mind, the one Love, is the only power and presence of the universe; He fills all space, supplies every need, and will show us the "way of life" as we are willing to walk in it.

The Mission of Our Sermons
November 25, 1905

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