The work of the Christian Scientist is, humanly considered, to get out of trouble and to keep out. This includes his helping others to do the same, if they sincerely invite his help. His success, progressively appearing, constitutes his proof of the reality and availability of spiritual truth as taught by his religion. Therefore his calling is a joyous one. His pursuit of it is devoid of any requirement that he inflict discomfort by word or deed upon himself or anyone else. Indeed, he is called upon to employ only the divinely comforting power, for Christian Science is the Comforter, which was predicted by Christ Jesus and was discovered, in fulfillment of his prediction, eight-four years ago by Mary Baker Eddy.

What is meant by being out of trouble may need some explanation. Certainly it needs spiritual understanding. Appearances may be deceiving, and often are. One may be in grave danger while believing himself quite safe, as when someone floats easily down a stream unaware that the stream will shortly plunge as a waterfall over a cliff. Conversely, one may be perfectly safe when appearances are to the contrary. Being out of trouble is a state of spiritual-mindedness. Divine Mind is always conscious of infinite, undisturbed harmony, and since divine Mind is man's Mind, man by reflection is conscious of trouble-free existence. As an individual awakes to the fact that his Mind is divine, he knows himself more and more clearly as man, and he sees and experiences, more and more vividly, evidence that he is not in trouble.

July 22, 1950

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